Learn more about Dr. BJ Showman and Downtown Dental Associates from our current patients! Browse the following reviews to learn how others have benefitted from their visits with our dentist in Cleveland, Ohio, and please feel free to contact our office today to schedule your appointment.

Love my new teeth. Dr. Showman is amazing. She has a great eye and was able to give me the smile i have always wanted.. and her work was pain free! I would reccomend her highly!
Courtney W.

I had my teeth whitened today . They look so good. The best part no sensitivity!!!! Dr. Showman and her staff are so caring and gentle!! I highly recommend Downtown Dental. Free and easy parking options are great too!
Lonnie K.

I was always insecure about my smile. I was told by other dentists that the only way I could achieve a perfect smile was to spend thousands of dollars, and years of straightening with braces. Dr. BJ Showman suggested new solutions that other dentists didn’t offer or simply were not able to do and at an affordable cost.

The work was absolutely stunning. Dr BJ Showman, being an expert in cosmetic dental work, was able to help me achieve the smile I’ve always wanted.

You owe it to your smile to set an appoint with her. I highly recommend!

-Michael Gonzalez
Michael G.

She’s fast and effective and the assistants are wonderful. My crown looks great!
A Bc

I have only the highest praise for this facility. Everyone from the receptionist, hygienist, and even the doctor herself did the utmost in providing me medical care. Im a highly anxious person but Dr. Showman and her staff treated me with respect, were very patient when I became emotional, and always made me feel informed and in control (a rare quality in a doctor). As I told Dr. Showman in my visit, her bedside manner is impeccable, the staff are friendly and professional. I would absolutely recommend this facility to anyone in need of care. I’m confident that very few practitioners could provide the level of care I experienced today.
Amanda C.

I have been a patient of Dr Showman for 10 years and wouldn’t go anywhere else. The whole staff is extremely nice especially Dr Showman and Flora. They are gentle and thorough!
India Alexander-G

She is amazing. Enough said!

Awesome doctor!! I’m happy with the results and would recommend her to everyone. Very gentle and caring dentist. – 8/18
Fadel A.

Dr. Showman is the best around. She really goes above snd beyond in her dental practice. She is a great dentist who enjoys helping others. Thank you! – 8/18

The best ever!!! she does everything when I say this has been a struggle for me but she is very persistent and will work with you to get the job done! THE BEST IN CLEVELAND – 9/18
Robin F.

Dr. Showman is the absolute best dentist there is, painless, gentle, and courteous, amazing chair side manner and the staff is great! – 7/18

I’ve been coming here for years! I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Dr. Showman and her staff make me feel so comfortable. – 2/18
Amanda H.

This has been my dentist for over 7 years and my families dentist! The staff is kind and helpful. Painless dentistry ? Well it’s true, Dr. Showman is gentle and kind in your mouth! And she has a kind and compassionate heart! – 1/18
Beverly W.

I am writing to encourage you that choosing Dr. Showman is one of the best decisions you will ever make. Her guiding “North Star” is to always do what is best for her patient…You! She is a very experienced General Dentist with a wonderful bedside manner who always listens to her patients. It is without reservation that I recommend you make an appointment ASAP because she and her staff are prepared to HELP YOU TODAY…and this is why Dr. Showman has been my dentist for eighteen years. (55 Erieview Plaza #200 is the correct address & location)
Ronald S.

My family’s dentist is wonderful. Dr. Showman is professional and friendly. She has handled every mouth related situation for us , including crowns, cavities, and cosmetic dentistry with gentle yet capable hands. She really does quality work. The office runs with efficiency and has a clean, comfortable and calm atmosphere. I highly recommend Downtown Dental Associates to anyone who wants to find a dentist they can trust.
Painterly P.

I am a caretaker and I have not been to see Dr Showman for awhile. She and her staff never made me feel guilty. The work that she did for me is still wonderful after all these years. Highly recommend her.
Nancy F.

Dr. Showman and her staff are the best! Dr. Showman is especially caring and considerate in working with “dental phobics” such as I once was. I am totally pleased with the care I receive from Downtown Dental Associates every time I go in, and especially with the great improvement in the appearance of my teeth now that they’ve been repaired!!
Gerri P.

Dr. Showman is a very good dentist. She has been so gentle and caring with my dental health. I would recommend her to anyone. She is in a great location. I just love her office.
Jeff N.

Contacted Dr. Showman’s office for an emergency appointment, I was seen the same day. The Doctor and staff were wonderful. The best experience I have ever had going to the dentist.

Pam O’C.

I am very pleased that I came to Dr Showman. She really knows how to make a scaredy cat feel comfortable. My teeth look great !
Tierra J.

Dr. Showman took care of me on short notice during an emergency. Her care was incredibly appreciated and wonderful. I’ve continued to be her loyal patient to this day, almost 4 years later and refer my friends!
Cory M.

What a pleasant office. Out of town emergency. Saw me immediately. She was great!
Mike O.

Dr. Bj Showman is a great dentist who treats you kindly and knows her stuff. She is really good with my son who now has no fear of the dentist. Great staff ready to help and great location downtown. 
Dan C.

My dentist is the best in the world. All ways there when I need her and she doesn’t hurt. Highly recommend.
Jarvis C.

Great dental office for young professionals, I refer all my friends here. Dr. Showman is excellent, she provides quick service and understands busy schedules.
Tommy D.

I am a young professional. Dr Showman helped me with smile and has boosted my confidence and my career, I highly recommend her to everyone.
Daniel S.

What a great person . I would recommend her to everyone . She is so gentle and caring. She has recommended wonderful supplements to me and I feel great.
Rose N.

Dr. Bj takes her time and is very sure of her treatment. She is so personsble and easy to talk with about my care. I just love her.
Tiffany D.

The best dental experience I’ve ever had! Outstandingly, Friendly and wonderful at making me feel so comfortable and my teeth look fabulous!
Mary H.

Absolutely the best dentist ever!!!!! Dr. Showman was very gently, didn’t even feel the shots. And staff, were amazing. It felt like home.
Joyce I.

Love it, Dr Showman is very gentle and understands dental cowards. You will absolutely love her and the staff.
L B.

Dr. Showman is such a positive person and clearly loves what she does. I would recommend her.
Christine C.

She has a great personality and cares about you as an individual patient, and figures out what’s best for your teeth
Erona Harris-J.

By far the best dentist I’ve been too. I was in severe pain and Dr. Showman relived the pain within 2mins! So appreciative for her help!
Roslynn P.

Dr. BJ Snowman and her staff really care about their patients. She is so gent!e and I highly recommend her.
Robert I.

My teeth look great since Dr. Showman since I was a baby and my teeth look great and clean!!
Tori R.

The best dentist I’ve been to in my 39 years on this earth.
Katrell M.

Great experience , very convenient for young downtown workers !

I have been a patient of Dr Showman for 8 years and wouldnt go anywhere else. The whole staff is extremely nice especially Dr Showman and Flora. They are gentle and thorough!
India A.

I want to thank you for cleaning my teeth. You are so funny. When I come to get my teeth cleaned I laugh. You are a good dentist, Your are a nice person, there are alot of things that are nice about you.


Jeffrey Jr. – 8 years old

Dear Dr. Showman,
I love the tooth brush you gave me. I use it every day and my teeth feel great. The person who did my teeth was very nice. Give her a big thank you from me. Thank you for everything.


Conrad – 12 years old

BJ/Pam/Cynthia & Joyce,

“Thanks” BJ and to your wonderful staff for all you do.


My mouth is healthier because of you! God Bless!


Dear Dr. Showman,
Thank you so much for taking me so quickly. It was nice to meet you.


Dear Dr. Showman,
Thank you so much for my beautiful hand craft necklace! I wore it and received so many compliments. I was proud to tell the creation of it and that it was a gift.

Enclosed are Walt Disney stickers. I’m waiting for a surprise I have for you to come in the mail. Thank you again for everything – your professional service, superb staff, and …. chocolates! (smile) May GOD bless all your future endeavors.


Dr. Showman,
I appreciate all you do. You and your staff make me smile!


Dear BJ Showman,
Thanks so much for letting me train there. I have been working at the free clinic for seventeen weeks. Its lovely there.

Thanks again,

Mrs. Showman,
Thanks so very much for your service and Kindness. You made a difference in my life. God bless you and your team.

Love Patsy

Dear Dr. BJ Showman and Staff,
Words cannot convey the sincere heart-felt gratitude I have for you. I know GOD has placed me with the proper professional dental care. You create and facilitate an environment of love, peace and forgiveness. I am indebted to you. Thank you so very much.

Sincerely Your Patient,
Jocelyn L.

Dr. Showman:

You may remember I came to your office on a “worked in” basis on January 12, 2002, a Saturday, with an abscessed tooth. You gave me a prescription for penicillin to reduce the infection and a referral to Dr. Duda, a root canal specialist.

A subsequent X-ray by Dr. Duda on the same tooth that his clinic did a root canal on almost 12 years earlier led to a determination that there was only a 50-50 chance to save the tooth. On January 31, 2002 you extracted that tooth and prepared the surrounding teeth for a bridge.

Prior to discovering the abscess on my tooth, I had been plagued by aching joints and muscles, pains in my head and an unexplained lack of energy. I was taking 500mg of ibuprofen for the aching, but it was progressively ineffective.

Subsequent to the extraction of the abscessed tooth, I have had no aching joints or muscles, no head pains, and have resumed an active exercise program. I have discontinued the ibuprofen. It is hard to describe how much better I feel now that the infection has been quieted.

Thank you for all your diagnosis and dental work.


Dear Dr. Showman, 
I love the toothbrush you gave me. I use it every day and my teeth feel great. The person who did my teeth was very nice. Give her a big thank you from me. And thank you for everything.


Dear BJ,
Just a note to say thank you for the enormous act of kindness you did for Whitney. Her teeth look beautiful and she is so pleased. She was in the bathroom, at my house, and she was actually flossing her teeth!

I am writing because I was so touched by the sensitivity and caring shown and the fact that you gave so much of yourself.

I was uplifted to know that there are still people like you in this world. I shall try to pass this kindness on to others and please know if you are ever in need, consider me a friend.

With love and God Bless,
Patty and Jim

Dear Dr. Showman,
As you know, I have been a patient of yours and Dr. Rocker’s for over 30 years. Periodontal issues have been a problem for me for many years and I am grateful to you both for helping me maintain my dental health.

Because of the decline in my condition, several months ago you referred me to a periodontist. After consulting with them, they told me my condition was hopeless, that I would lose some of my teeth, and that I needed over $3000.00 in periodontal surgery.

After discussing their plan with you, you suggested I try your holistic approach. I am so grateful for your office regimen and the Kangen 2.5pH water you offer to your patients. My periodontal issues have reversed and been maintained for several months now. My teeth have been given a new lease on life. Dentures are not in my immediate future.

Again, thank you for staying on top of the latest treatments and making them available to your patients.

Yours truly,

Hi Dr. Showman!
First I would like to say “Thank you” for all that you have done for me as your patient. I regained my smile and confidence and it’s because of your expertise in dentistry. You have been phenomenal in my life and I just want you to know that. I appreciate the fact that you keep your patients current on new procedures that apply to dentistry that is affordable.

My ultimate extraordinary experience in your office is when you introduced me to 2.5 PH Water. At first I doubted that something crystal clear could possible work towards any health issue. Unbeknownst to my beliefs, I experienced a true miracle when I suddenly came down with an oral abscess, swelling and canker sore. I swished and rinsed with 2.5 PH Water twice on Saturday and went to bed. Sunday morning which was Easter Day I woke with no signs of swelling, no abscess and the canker sore was gone. I simply can not believe this solution and magic potion. I am a firm believer in 2.5 PH Water.

Dr. Showman you are a true healer of all illness and wonders!