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Super Lysine+® can heal your cold sore in half the time! In the latest study, Super Lysine+ has been shown to heal cold sores in just a few days. Dr. BJ Showman, our caring dentist at Downtown Dental Associates, recommends Super Lysine+ to her patients who suffer from cold sores.

Available in both creams and pills, Super Lysine+ is a powerful, natural cold sore treatment. Using all-natural lysine and 14 other vitamins, herbs, and minerals, Super Lysine+ eliminates cold sores in half the time. The Super Lysine+ program can also help you prevent cold sores with a daily supplement and lip protection. At the first sign of a cold sore, apply the Super Lysine+ cream and take the capsules to prevent cold sores and promote faster healing.

If you suffer from cold sores, we invite you to contact our dental office at 216-241-4303 to learn more about how Super Lysine+ in Cleveland, Ohio, can effectively prevent and heal cold sores.