Sometimes, a damaged tooth needs root canal treatment so that you can enjoy a healthy and functional smile again. Root canal treatment is usually recommended for a tooth that is seriously damaged or infected. When decay or injury reaches into the dental pulp and nerves, which are located in the center of the tooth, it may result in a serious infection that causes extreme tooth pain. If the tooth is not properly treated, it may die and require extraction (removal).

While a “root canal” may seem scary, it is very similar to getting a large filling. During treatment, the affected area will be totally numb and, once the treatment is over, your tooth will have been saved through root canal therapy. Our friendly dentist and dental team at Downtown Dental Associates will ensure that root canal treatment is gentle and effective. In most cases, we can complete a root canal in Cleveland, Ohio, in just one or two visits to our office.

For extra protection, Dr. BJ Showman will place a crown over the tooth after treatment. For more information on root canal therapy and how it can benefit your smile, we invite you to call us at 216-241-4303 today. We look forward to giving you a stronger and healthier smile.