White fillings use composite resin material to repair tooth decay and to enhance the beauty of your smile. During your visit at Downtown Dental Associates, we will replace or redesign imperfect tooth structure with the composite resin (a special tooth-colored material). Composite resin forms a strong bond with the natural tooth structure for a durable, long-lasting restoration. White fillings can be used to improve your smile’s appearance, function, and health.

White fillings are a common restoration used to restore teeth affected by minor to moderate tooth decay or other types of damage. Our gentle dentist will remove the decay from the tooth, clean the tooth, and fill the remaining tooth structure with composite resin that is matched to your original tooth shade. Dr. BJ Showman will carefully shape the filling material to fit the contours of the tooth, then harden the filling with a special light. White dental fillings can restore the structure and health of a damaged tooth for a strong, lasting restoration.

For more information on white dental fillings in Cleveland, Ohio, and how they can benefit your oral health, please call 216-241-4303 or visit our friendly dental team today. We look forward to helping you improve your smile for life!