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CELL POWER® is a powerful, therapeutic cellular health supplement that may provide nourishing, cleansing, healing, and energizing benefits. Dr. BJ Showman, our knowledgeable dentist, may recommend CELL POWER for its many healing uses and properties. The five major benefits of CELL POWER are that it can:

  • Improve assimilation and absorption of all nutrients and supplements
  • Balance pH faster than other supplements
  • Boost immune system response
  • Improve breathing and respiratory challenges
  • Speed healing inside and out

CELL POWER is pleasant tasting and all-natural. You can use CELL POWER to treat acne, sunburns, insect bites, skin rashes, bruises, swollen joints, open bruises, warts, scars, cold sores, moles, skin tags, and nail fungus. In addition, CELL POWER can be used to purify water and wash fruits and vegetables. CELL POWER can be used as an underarm deodorant, as ear drops, and as a sinus spray. You are certain to find CELL POWER beneficial in improving your health and life! Please call Downtown Dental Associates at 216-241-4303 to learn more about CELL POWER in Cleveland, Ohio.