Sometimes, a permanent tooth needs to be removed to improve the health and strength of your smile. The removal of a tooth is referred to as tooth extraction. While our first choice is always to save your natural teeth, we may need to remove a tooth to improve your overall oral health. When a tooth needs to be removed, you can rest assured that the treatment will be as comfortable and gentle as possible. Our experienced dentist, Dr. BJ Showman, may recommend tooth extraction in Cleveland, Ohio, if your smile is affected by:

  • A severely decayed tooth that cannot be saved through root canal therapy, a filling, a dental crown, or another type of restoration
  • Serious infection that has destroyed a large portion of the tooth and supporting bone structure
  • Overcrowding caused by too many teeth in the mouth

As part of your tooth extraction consultation, you will also discuss a tooth replacement option so that you never have to worry about your smile. If you would like to learn more about our treatments and our “Tender Care for Terrified Teeth,” please call 216-241-4303 or visit our friendly dental team at Downtown Dental Associates today. We are eager to care for your smile!