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Poor oral hygiene habits such as failing to brush your teeth each morning and night or failing to remember to floss at least once each day can leave bacterial deposits in your mouth. In time this can lead to hardened tartar developing on the base of your teeth near the gumline.

As it continues to worsen the constant bacterial presence can lead to the periodontal inflammation of gingivitis. Early symptoms of a problem like this often includes gums that bleed easily when brushing and flossing as well as chronic problems with bad breath.

If you have periodontal health concerns the wisest course of action is to schedule an appointment with a dentist like Dr. BJ Showman. After assessing the severity of the problem, shewill present you with the most effective treatment plan.

Many cases gingivitis can be remediated with a thorough dental cleaning or a dental root planing treatment. This will need to be followed up by increased flossing focus to ensure that all the surfaces of your teeth have been cleaned.

When flossing your teeth you should start by wrapping a modest length of dental floss around your fingers before gripping a small section. You can then gently insert the strand between two teeth and curve it slightly to maximize contact with the tooth.

You can then make one or more passes to gently clear the space between the teeth while also working the dental floss into your gumline. It’s also important to floss behind your rear molars.  

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