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World’s Best Cream

The World’s Best Cream has been used to promote joint health and provide pain relief from sores, aches, and inflammation. Simply rub The World’s Best Cream on the area of pain or inflammation to experience relief! The World’s Best Cream can aid in pain relief and improve joint health by providing your body with the copper it needs. Created with all-natural copper-centric ingredients, The World’s Best Cream allows your body to absorb copper directly through the skin. Only 25% of the population consumes the recommended daily intake amount of copper; with The World’s Best Cream, you can receive the copper you need directly and safely. Our skilled dentist, Dr. Showman, may recommend The World’s Best Cream if you experience pain or would like to improve your joint health. We welcome you to call or visit us at Downtown Dental Associates soon to learn more.

I and many others have found that these supplements offer a range of benefits. Results however, may vary from patient to patient. Please contact the office in order to get more information.

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