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Over 80 million people have halitosis, or bad breath. This can be caused by bacteria growing in your mouth. Depending on which type of bacteria are growing in your mouth, your breath might smell different.

Our dentist, Dr. BJ Showman, cares about your breath. That’s why our team at Downtown Dental Associates in Cleveland, Ohio, want to share with you a bit more about halitosis.

Bacteria can grow in your mouth on your teeth, on your tongue and even in your gumline. These bacteria can cause different odors which leads to halitosis.

Some bacteria in your mouth can feed on proteins that are found in mucus. These bacteria produce a chemical called skatole. Skatole is not one of the major contributors of bad breath, but can add to it, and the smell can resemble that of mothballs.

One of the easiest fixes to bad breath is making sure you brush and floss the recommended amount every day. This can help remove some of those bacteria found in your mouth and might help improve your breath. As part of your daily routine remember to also brush your tongue, to clear any bacteria that might be growing there.

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