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Dental Bonding and Your Smile

Published on July 12, 2017

Have you ever wanted to something about your tooth sensitivity without the need for an entire mouth makeover? The truth is, you may be fortunate and only have a few weak spots in your tooth enamel. When your tooth enamel is worn down and receives a hole, cavities form, which leads to exposure of the tooth’s pulp. If the pulp is unprotected, your nerve endings can be damaged, causing pain or discomfort in the form of tooth sensitivity.

Dental bonding treatments are designed to end tooth sensitivity in your mouth by covering and concealing broken or discolored teeth that may be lacking the good looks you prefer or are hindering your oral health due to damaged tooth enamel. Repairing a tooth with a dental bond requires using a substance such as resin or porcelain to cover up the afflicted area.

In most instances, teeth can be injured from a variety of hazards. Tooth enamel damage could be the result harmful acids that have eaten through the enamel, or caused by a random chip or crack in a tooth, or even an unknown break in a tooth that has slowly begun to rip open. No matter how bad your teeth may have been damaged, dental bonding may be the savior treatment you need to re-establish the look and function of a broken tooth.

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