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Preventing cavities and gum disease is just one of the many important facets associated with maintaining a healthy mouth. Your soft oral tissues and throat have complex structures that play an important role in your essential oral function and general quality of life. A serious problem like oral and pharyngeal cancer can also cause discomfort and potentially prove life threatening.

To help address this important concern, our dentist recommends having a routine dental exam and cleaning performed twice each year. These simple outpatient appointments can serve to clean your teeth while also detecting any developing oral health problems.

Each dental exam also includes a basic screening to detect any early signs of oral and pharyngeal cancer. It is typically done at the end of the dental exam and involves a brief inspection of your tongue, throat, face and neck for any abnormalities, swelling or discoloration. If you have noticed a change in your mouth or throat, be sure to let Dr. BJ Showman know about it.

Early detection of oral or pharyngeal cancer helps improve treatment options and treatment success rates. The American Cancer Society estimates that with early diagnosis the five-year relative survival rate for oral or pharyngeal cancer can be as high as 83 percent.

If you live in the Cleveland, Ohio, area and you have noticed something abnormal in your mouth or throat, you should call 216-241-4303 to schedule a dental exam and oral cancer screening at Downtown Dental Associates.